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FSB: Visionary Inventor

Ray Kurzweil’s products help readers who are blind or dyslexic. Read this fascinating inventor’s profile in the May 1st, 2005 issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine – or follow this link: Visionary Inventor

FSB: Inner-City Medici

For Fortune Small Business’ May 1st, 2005 issue, I portrayed a real-estate mogul who backs an arts program for kids in a rough neighborhood. It was published in FSBs Giving Back section – read the full article here: Inner-City Medici

FSB: Schoolyard CEO

A Harvard MBA struck it rich in the 1990s. Now, barely 40 years old, he teaches inner-city kids the job skills they don’t get anywhere else. Find out more in my article for the March 2005 issue for Fortune Small Business Magazine: Schoolyard CEO

FSB: Deep in the Art of Texas

A shopping mall mogul goes on a spending spree. Thanks to his generosity, Dallas gets a world-class sculpture gallery. To find out more, read my story for the “Giving Back” section of Fortune Small Business magazine, February 2005 issue: Deep in the Art of Texas

Fortune: Has Red Bull lost its moxie?

For Fortune’s Sept. 6, 2004 international issue, I looked at the dimming market prospects of Austrian energy drink giant Red Bull in the US: The article titled “Has Red Bull lost it’s moxie? is currently not available online. A private pdf scan can be provided upon request at info (at) eckldorna . com

Fortune: What drives growth

In September 2004, I wrote a nine-page booklet on the lessons learnt from Fortune’s list of the 100 fastest-growing companies.It was published in Fortune’s Sept 6th, 2004 US issue. Here’s the full text: What drives growth

Fortune: Microsoft Shares The Wealth

In August 2004, Microsoft finally decided to turn over some of its cash to investors. Does the prospect of a $32 billion dividend make the stock a buy? Read Fortune staffer Adam Lashinsky’s story – with my byline as Reporter Associate: Microsoft Shares The Wealth

Fortune: A Jackpot – Or A Risky Bet?

The US gaming industry looks like a sure bet for investors. But putting your money into slot machine makers can be risky, as I analyzed in Fortunes July 26th, 2004 issue. Read the full article here: A Jackpot – Or A Risky Bet?

Fortune: Getting Away From It All

Americans have plenty of options to retire – provided they scored a well-paid job in their active years. For this article, I dug deep into the Carolinas.  From my Ny cubicle, I interviewed pensioners who told me about their happy second life while sipping cocktails on their lush sea view verandas. Read Ellen Florian’s story to find out more on the best places to retire in the US – with my byline as Reporter Associate: