FSB: Visionary Inventor

Ray Kurzweil's products help help readers who are blind or dyslexic. Read this fascinating inventor's profile in the May 1st, 2005 issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine - or follow this link: Visionary Inventor

FSB: Inner-City Medici

For Fortune Small Business' May 1st, 2005 issue, I portrayed a real-estate mogul who backs an arts program for kids in a rough neighborhood. It was published in FSBs Giving Back section - read the full article here: Inner-City Medici

FSB: Schoolyard CEO

A Harvard MBA struck it rich in the 1990s. Now, barely 40 years old, he teaches inner-city kids the job skills they don't get anywhere else. Find out more in my article for the March 2005 issue for Fortune Small Business Magazine: Schoolyard CEO...

FSB: Deep in the Art of Texas

A shopping mall mogul goes on a spending spree. Thanks to his generosity, Dallas gets a world-class sculpture gallery. To find out more, read my story for the "Giving Back" section of Fortune Small Business magazine, February 2005 issue: Deep in the Art of Texas

Fortune: Has Red Bull lost its moxie?

For Fortune's Sept. 6, 2004 international issue, I looked at the dimming market prospects of Austrian energy drink giant Red Bull in the US: Read the article here: Has Red Bull lost it's moxie? (links to pdf file)

Fortune: What drives growth

In September 2004, I wrote a nine-page booklet on the lessons learnt from Fortune's list of the 100 fastest-growing companies.It was published in Fortune's Sept 6th, 2004 US issue. Here's the full text: What drives growth

Fortune: Microsoft Shares The Wealth

In August 2004, Microsoft finally decided to turn over some of its cash to investors. Does the prospect of a $32 billion dividend make the stock a buy? Read Fortune staffer Adam Lashinsky's story - with my byline as Reporter Associate: Microsoft Shares The Wealth